Congratulations! Just got engaged?
But don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry Brides we have everything you need to plan the perfect day.

We have in excess of 70 exhibitors; wedding professionals from the beautiful Scottish Borders attending our show, and all willing to help you with important choices for your special day.

Please take time to speak to as many exhibitors as you can, take home lots of literature for ideas, many have free samples or special offers if you book from the show so please ask them.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

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  1. Plan your day for yourself, not for others
  2. Choose local wedding suppliers
  3. Get the Groom to be involved, it’s his wedding too
  4. Remember to involve Stepparents in some way
  5. Select and book your band or DJ 18 months in advance
  6. Book your Bridal cars 18 months in advance
  7. Pick a song for your first dance that has meaning or a good memory for both of you
  8. Have someone else do your makeup, you may be too nervous
  9. Send your invitations out 6-8 weeks before the wedding
  10. Send your thank you notes out no later than 3 months after the wedding
  11. See several of each wedding professionals before making these important decisions
  12. Go over the kinds of pictures you will want with your photographer well ahead of time
  13. Take dance lessons for your first dance
  14. Register for gifts well in advance of your wedding date
  15. Select dresses for your attendants that flatter them all
  16. Select favours that reflect your personalities or interests
  17. Make sure you are comfortable with and like all of your wedding professionals
  18. Consider some of your photos in black and white, they are timeless
  19. Remember to allow time for table visits during your reception
  20. Attend Wedding Shows for ideas for your wedding
  21. Have a tasting for your reception food and your wedding cake
  22. If you have an outdoor ceremony be sure to have a backup in case of bad weather
  23. Don’t stress out over little things
  24. Choose flowers that are in season – helps reduce costs
  25. Assign someone to attend to your gifts after the reception
  26. Be sure the Best man has an appropriate toast that includes something about the Bride
  27. Make all payments in a timely manner
  28. Wear waterproof mascara
  29. Get a good nights sleep the night before your wedding
  30. Do not let friends or family talk you in to things you don’t want for your wedding
  31. Be sure to eat on your wedding day, it’s easy to forget or be too excited
  32. Don’t leave your guests too long between the ceremony and reception
  33. Don’t drink too much at your wedding, you want to remember every last moment
  34. Be creative and personalise your wedding
  35. Have your hair done ahead of time with your head piece
  36. Make appointments with wedding professionals so you are not disappointed if they are unavailable
  37. Think about how the wedding colours you select will look at the reception site
  38. Do not have drastically different hair and makeup from your everyday look
  39. Take time to look around and enjoy everything you have been planning for so long